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Did You Know...
1.- According to the legend, Daedalus envied the abilities of Perdix, who invented the saw, and threw him from a roof; the legend also stands that then Perdix was turned into a partridge by Athena.

2.- The partridge is a bird from Europe and Asia, although it has acclimatized in some parts of America. Certain varieties of quails and other galliform birds are called partridges in the American continent.

3.- A LEGEND FROM PARAGUAY .... When fields appeared, the red partridge was first living thing to intone its song there, the first one to celebrate their appearance.  The red partridge, who intoned its song in the fields for the very first time, is now in the outskirts of Ours Father's Paradise - the one in the worldly abode is nothing more than its reflection...

4.- The red-legged partridge is spread through the south of France, north of  Italy, Corsica and the Iberian Peninsula.  Many years ago it was introduced into England from south-wester Europe. The grey partridge or common partridge lives in Europe and Western and Central Asia.  It is a frequent species all year round in the Iberian Peninsula.  The chukar, native to southern Eurasia, is pale brownish grey, with bold black and white stripes on the flanks, a white throat bordered in black, and bright red bill and feet.  Both species, the grey partridge and the chukar, have been successfully introduced into North-America.  The Greek partridge is very similar to the chukar and has a similar distribution.  The Moorish partridge is sedentary in Gibraltar and Sardinia and has reduced populations in certain spots of southern Spain.

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